Adrian Banning


Operator at

Oxford University Hospitals

Oxford, United Kingdom

Dr. Adrian P Banning graduated from London and became a Consultant Cardiologist at the John Radcliffe – Oxford University Hospital in 1999. He has been at the forefront of the initiation of day case coronary intervention for elective patients and day case transfer for treatment for patients with ACS. He has long standing research interests in intravascular ultrasound and treatment of the left main. He was prominent in the early development of drug eluting stents particularly the Taxus series of trials. And was one of the top recruiters in the Syntax trial and the Excel trial of stents vs surgery for left main disease and Co-PI of the Syntax 2 trial. He has hosted live cases for TCT and PCR as the ”master operator” and been live operator in a number of interventional educational programmes. He was President of the British Cardiac Intervention Society 2016-20.

His academic interest in myocardial injury during revascularisation this resulted in the awarding of the title Professor of Interventional Cardiology by Oxford University


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