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The Mount Sinai Hospital

1468 Madison Avenue, New York,
New York 10029

SFA, Proximal PT and AT lesion Stenting with Zilver stent



●73 year old M with a PMH of HTN, HLD, HFpEF presenting to us with Lifestyle limiting intermittent claudication, Rutherford 3.

●Over the past few months his pain has progressed and he is now having pain with minimal movement b/l.

●Social Hx: Former smoker


●Physical Exam: Muscle atrophy, hair loss, diminished pulsed, ischemic changes around the first and second digits.

●ABIs: Right: 0.45 Left: 0.66

●Arterial duplex:

○Elevated velocity in the CFA and prox SFA

○Absent flow in the SFA, prox PT, and AT

○Weak Monophasic flow pattern in the DP, absent PT

●Recently patient underwent right sided intervention, now presenting for left sided intervention.


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