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Complex Calcified Long Segment Fem-Pop CTO

HPI: 62 yo with ESRD on HD, CAD (most recent PCI 02/2022à4.0x12mm Synergy DES to pLAD), HTN, HLD, Non-Insulin dependent diabetes here with non healing ulcer on anterior portion of left great toe/hallux. Rutherford Category V.

Meds: Lipitor 40 mg QD, Metoprolol XL 50 mg QD, Nifedipine 60 mg QD, Aspirin 81 mg QD, Plavix 75 mg QD.

Exam: Dopplerable PT pulses left side

Due to non healing ulcer and ongoing pain, the patient was brought to cath lab for left SFA CTO revascularization.




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