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The Mount Sinai Hospital

1468 Madison Avenue, New York,
New York 10029

Multi Level CTO in CLI Patient


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  • HPI: 84¬†y/o male¬†with PMHx of HTN, DM2 (on insulin), CAD (s/p PCI in the DR), prostate CA (s/p XRT in 2021), who presents with non-healing L toe wound (4th digit dorsal aspect)ūü°™Rutherford Category 5.
  • ABI study 4/10/2023 showed right 0.30, left 0.22.
  • Meds: Amlodipine-benazepriL (LOTREL) 10-20 mg QD, Dapagliflozin 10 mg tablet QD, Glimepiride 4 mg tablet QD, Coreg 12.5 mg tablet BID, Aspirin 81 mg QD, Plavix 75 mg QD
  • Exam: L Posterior Tibial Pulse: ¬†Doppler; L DP Pulse: ¬†Doppler
  • Labs: Cr: 1.16, Hgb: 13

Case Presentation


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